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Leguijt, Jaap J SIEP-EPT-RES Jaap.Leguijt at shell.com
Wed Nov 17 16:33:09 CST 2004


Recently I started looking at python. As a Matlab user I wondered whether python is a good or better alternative to Matlab as a prototyping tool. On of the things I like about python is the fact that it is open and it has a very nice object model. I found a package called "MatPy" that seems to cover, in python, the functionality of Matlab. I tried to install MatPy and that was not easy. It needed additional packages and the most difficult to get properly installed was cephes. After some time I managed to install MatPy but then I found out that it failed many of its standard tests. The BioSimGrid organisation has a nice reference manual that list the packages needed to install MatPy. In this manual I found a reference to SciPy and to me it seems to offer more functionality than MatPy. I don't have a full overview yet of the functionality offered by the various packages but is it correct to assume that SciPy covers the functionality of Matpy. If this is true, I can give up my struggle with Matpy, which seems to be an inactive project anyhow.


Jaap Leguijt
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