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Janet Swisher swisher at enthought.com
Thu Nov 18 11:36:52 CST 2004

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> From: Alexey Goldin
> I think at SciPy 2004 it was desided to have some kind of 
> "cookbook" for scipy, something like ASPN cookbok at 
> http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Python/Cookbook/ , but with 
> emphasis on scientific data processing.  I have  in mind 
> mostly simple illustrative one page examples for people new  
> to Python  (not necessarily utilizing scipy), rather then 
> complicated scripts. Is there some preferred place on SciPy 
> site? 

One possibility would be to put this under the Accessible SciPy wiki. For
example, you could put a "Cookbook" link under "Documentation Issues" on the
main page, and grow it from there. Even if the cookbook is not specific to
SciPy, that's a reasonable place to start it. It can always be moved when it
"grows up".

> Are SciPy wiki's  pages friendly to Python source code?

Not sure what you mean by "friendly", but I think so. For example, you can
upload a .py file, and the site will recognize that it is a text file and
display its contents in fixed-width font. You can also write a wiki page
using ST that contains code examples. However, neither of these features is
specific to Python, so it's not *more* friendly to Python than other
languages. (Of course, the site is implemented with Plone and Zope, so it's
*written* in Python.)

To create a code example in an ST page, end the preceding paragraph with
'::' and indent the code example more than the preceding paragraph. (If the
'::' is attached to a word, it gets replaced by a single colon in the
output. If there's whitespace in front of '::', the double-colon is hidden
in the output.) For example::

  # This is a code example.


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