[SciPy-user] Problem with titles/labels in gplt (and why is it so sloooow?)

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Thu Nov 18 16:33:35 CST 2004

I can't figure out how to get titles and labels to appear on
gplt output without having the plot re-drawn multiple times.
If I set the titles, etc. before the gplt.surf() command, they
don't show up.  If I set them afterwards, the plot is re-drawn
everytime I set a label, title, key, etc.

gplot.surf() is already an order of magnitude slower than using
gnuplot-py, and when each plot has to be redraw a half-dozen
time times it's excruciating: a plot that should take a few
milliseconds ends up taking _seconds_ to complete.

I'm tempted to give up and just use gnuplot-py, except that
requires a lot more work to convert arrays into data objects.

What am I doing wrong that makes gplt so slow?

Why do I have to replot the surface 4 times to get the title
and axes labels?

Here's my test program:

import sys,time,Gnuplot
from scipy import *

iterations = range(10)

x,y = mgrid[-1:1:20j,-1:1:20j]
z = (x+y)*exp(-6.0*(x*x+y*y))

gplt.current()._send('set mouse;')
t1 = time.time()
for i in iterations:
    gplt.title("Sparsely sampled function -- iteration %d" % i)
t2 = time.time()

print t2-t1

gp = Gnuplot.Gnuplot()
t1 = time.time()
for i in iterations:
    gp.title("Sparsely sampled function -- iteration %d" % i)
t2 = time.time()

print t2-t1


The output is:

$ python testit.py

scipy.gplt is almost 100 times slower than gnuplot-py.

Grant Edwards
grante at visi.com

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