[SciPy-user] Enthon for the Mac

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Tue Nov 23 14:16:27 CST 2004

Hey Robert,

Perfect timing.  I'm in the midst of preparing a new Enthon for Windows 
(and peripherally one for Fedora).  We should probably chat sometime 
about making sure most things are roughly functionally 
compatible/equivalent, so that folks writing tutorials and other docs 
can just say "install Enthon for your OS".

I had started in on the Enthon on OS X endeavor about six months ago, 
but only a few packages ever came of it.  The packaging on Mac is quite 
abyssmal, so there isn't much to be gained by handing off the packages I 
did back then--you pretty much just have to build the software by hand, 
and then push the pretty "Go" button and it all gets piled up together 
into an archive.  I do have simple aap recipes for almost everything in 
Enthon on Windows, which you might find useful in automating your 
construction on Mac, since the concept is the same for the Wise 
installer.  It's nicer to say "aap -vf scipy.aap" than to have to go 
download all of the bits and pieces.

On the Kiva, Chaco, Traits front, we'll want to rope Eric into a 
conversation.  I think there are some outstanding issues with 
integrating the SVN versions.

One thing we're doing with the next version is to integrate IPython as 
kind of the de facto interactive python.  There's a scipy config file 
that works well and makes writing tutorials simpler, since it's possible 
to preload all of the relevant modules.

Robert Kern wrote:
> I'm gearing up to make binary packages for Scipy et al. for Mac OS X. I 
> hope that these might be considered collectively as Enthought-Edition 
> Python ("Enthon") for the Mac.
> So, Mac users, what do you want to see in Mac Enthon? My current plan is 
> to track CVS/SVN for some of the packages, certainly scipy. As I update 
> packages, Mac Enthon users will be able to download them individually 
> and install them. I can only support Panther right now; when I get 
> Tiger, I'll support both Panther and Tiger. I may also make a Python 2.4 
> version. The packages will be the standard Mac double-click-to-install 
> packages with an Enthon meta-package for convenient install of all 
> packages together.
> What packages would you like to see? My current list:
> Scipy - CVS
> Numeric - stable
> numarray - stable?
> ScientificPython - stable
> PIL - stable
> readline - stable
> IPython - stable
> wxPython - latest developement version
> PyObjC - SVN
> matplotlib - CVS?
> Tkinter - stable
> Pmw - stable
> Kiva    \
> Chaco   |- SVN versions?
> Traits  /
> PyOpenGL - stable
> f2py - CVS
> Mayavi - stable
> VTK - stable
> PyX - latest
> PySQLite - last stable, and CVS once the new version is usable
> SWIG - latest
> Pyrex - latest
> Twisted - stable
> PyTables - latest
> SCons - stable
> ReportLab - stable
> PyProtocols - latest
> PyChecker - stable
> mx.TextTools - stable
> mx.DateTime - stable
> odr - whenever I get around to updating the bloody thing
> PyMC - latest
> MDP - latest
> ZODB - stable
> PyXML - stable
> BioPython?
> I'll put this somewhere on the Wiki later today.

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