[SciPy-user] Enthon for the Mac

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Tue Nov 23 14:50:15 CST 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Joe Cooper schrieb:
>> One thing we're doing with the next version is to integrate IPython as 
>> kind of the de facto interactive python.  There's a scipy config file 
>> that works well and makes writing tutorials simpler, since it's 
>> possible to preload all of the relevant modules.
> I'm obviously very happy to see this in.  One comment: I was planning on 
> using this Thanksgiving weekend to push an ipython 0.6.5 out, including 
> the reactivation of the wx/gtk threading code thanks to Prabhu.  This is 
> a fairly significant enhancement, since apparently it allows users to 
> get interactive control of wx/gtk apps with a far lighter solution than 
> gui_thread.  Is this timing bad for you?  If it helps coordinate things, 
> I can _promise_ to have it out by Sunday night, or even Saturday if it 
> makes a difference.

Don't kill yourself to get it done, Fernando.

I plan to release the next Enthon around about the end of next week, or 
whenever it is ready.  The scary packages have been dealt with, so I 
don't foresee any problems rolling a few late changes in, especially 
with packages that are relatively painless, like IPython.

> As I _really_ expect this to be the 'end of the road' for ipython while 
> I rewrite it, it would be really nice to get this threading 
> functionality shipped out to all Enthon Win/OSX users.

I can wait until you've got a release of IPython you're happy with.

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