[SciPy-user] RPM building trouble

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 5 12:59:13 CDT 2004

Prabhu Ramachandran schrieb:
>>>>>>"MR" == Michael Reimpell <M.Reimpell at tu-bs.de> writes:
>     MR> from scipy import plt import gui_thread gui_thread.start()
>     MR> plt.plot((1,2,3))
>     >> Could you please restart Python and try the same commands once
>     >> again (immediately after it fails).  It should work then.  If
>     >> it does not, please let the list know.  Thanks.
>     MR> It does not work even when I restart Python and try
>     MR> again. Also, if I don't restart Python and try again, python
>     MR> segfaults.
> [...]
>     MR> My problem seems to be related to the LANG shell variable:
> I am not sure what we can do to fix the problem in this case.  I don't
> really understand why changing the LANG environment should affect the
> functioning of Python.  So if someone has a suggestion please let the
> list know.

Wow.  This was also the source of my problems.  I'm learning german, so I've 
switched my desktop to

planck[~]> echo $LANG

After setting it back to

planck[~]> echo $LANG

Both the simpleFrame and the WxDemo examples run just fine, and the errors I 
reported just a few minutes ago are gone.

Now, as to why in hell this should matter, I have no idea.  And I think it's 
bad: we can't exactly force users from all over the world to reset their 
desktops to US English, can we ?



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