[SciPy-user] multiple windows in gplt

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 15 01:15:44 CDT 2004

Hi Chris,

sorry if I haven't followed this thread in detail, but you might want to 
consider using the plain (non-scipy) gnuplot.py interface, perhaps with the 
additions which ipython provides to make the syntax easier to use.

In that context, you simply make new gnuplot instances as:

gp = Gnuplot()
gp2 = Gnuplot(),=

and you can make plots on each via:

gp.plot(foo)   -> plot window 1
gp.replot(bar) -> add a plot to window 1

gp2.plot(baz) -> plot into a new window

gp2.replot(baz2) -> add something to window 2


I've never really felt that Gnuplot.py + IPython.GnuplotRuntime limits any 
kind of plotting needs, whether for interatctive use (where you should use 
IPython.GnuplotInteractive) or for scripted use.  Perhaps this may be of use 
to you.



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