[SciPy-user] Help needed: Problem in translating a file readroutine from Matlab to Python-Scipy

Prabhu Ramachandran PrabhuRamachandran
Fri Oct 15 04:58:49 CDT 2004

>>>>> "GL" == Guasina Luca <L.Guasina at barilla.it> writes:

    GL> Thank you to Travis and Stephen for the help !  Now all work
    GL> correcly.  What I am trying to do now I to write my processed
    GL> data in VTK format (in fact VTR - non uniform rectangular grid
    GL> with various point and cell data).  I am trying to use pyvtk:
    GL> do you think is possible to write COMPRESSED files?

If you mean the XML output format, I don't think pyvtk will help you.
However, in the VTK sources there is a file called
Utilities/vtk2xml.py that you can use to convert an old style VTK file
to an XML file.  If you don't have the VTK sources handy grab the file
from here:


It supports compressing the file also, so perhaps you can generate a
temporary file using pyvtk, convert it using vtk2xml and then use that


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