[SciPy-user] lingalg.svd performance?

Nick Arnett narnett at mccmedia.com
Fri Oct 15 12:47:42 CDT 2004

What sort of performance should I expect using lingalg.svd on matrixes
on the order of 500 x 15000?  I'm using a 2 Ghz P4 system with 2 GB of
memory and these are taking hours to complete.  I previously was using
an external SVD utility that was taking a couple of minutes, and I'm
going to have to switch back to it unless there's some way to get Scipy
to do this a lot faster.  I'm using the pre-built binaries, with ATLAS
and F2PY installed.  I'm not eager to build my own, but if that is
likely to speed things up a lot, I'll give it a shot.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.


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