(Fixed) [SciPy-user] Help please: Test failure: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'eig' * 15

andrewl at acay.com.au andrewl at acay.com.au
Tue Oct 19 12:46:01 CDT 2004


Thank you for your assistance.  The more complete clean did the trick (python 
setup.py clean --all; rm -rf build).  I was sure there must be some usuitable 
configuration file lying around, but wasn't sure what I could safely do to 
remove them.  I wonder if something similar to your good advice might be put 
into the installation instructions to assist others?  Along the lines of:

"Should you need to rebuild (to resolve library problems, or add a new 
library), it is safest to use ....."


Andrew Lees

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