[SciPy-user] scipy debian packages

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Thu Oct 21 12:04:15 CDT 2004

Arnd Baecker wrote:

>I think that this should be enough of an example to ask the debian
>maintainer of python-numeric for an update.
>((Somehow I am wondering, for how long the first release of
>the 23.5 tarball was there ... very unfortunate ...))
>Unless there are any further comments, I will mail
>the maintainer tomorrow.

This was an unfortunate mistake.  The problem was the windows version of 
23.5 had this fixed, but I uploaded the wrong tarball and so the unix 
version did not.  It was like this for a few days unfortunately and left 
an inconsistency between the windows release and the full release.


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