[SciPy-user] sparse matrix formats

David Grant david at dwavesys.com
Tue Oct 26 15:39:48 CDT 2004

I am a bit boggled by all these sparse matrix types in the sparse class.

Can anyone recommend which are the standard one I should use (when in 

I know that one of my matrices is a diagonal matrix and the other matrix 
is 100% dense, however, it is tensor-producted with the identity matrix, 
so it becomes less dense. Some elements will be close to zero and can be 
truncated as well.  Most values will be around the diagonals close to 
the main diagonal.

_formats = {'csc':[0,"Compressed Sparse Column"],
            'csr':[1,"Compressed Sparse Row"],
            'dok':[2,"Dictionary Of Keys"],
            'lil':[3,"LInked List"],
            'dod':[4,"Dictionary of Dictionaries"],
            'sss':[5,"Symmetric Sparse Skyline"],          
            'lba':[7,"Linpack BAnded"],
            'egd':[8,"Ellpack-itpack Generalized Diagonal"],
            'bsr':[10,"Block Sparse Row"],
            'msr':[11,"Modified compressed Sparse Row"],
            'bsc':[12,"Block Sparse Column"],
            'msc':[13,"Modified compressed Sparse Column"],
            'ssk':[14,"Symmetric SKyline"],
            'nsk':[15,"Nonsymmetric SKyline"],
            'jad':[16,"JAgged Diagonal"],
            'uss':[17,"Unsymmetric Sparse Skyline"],
            'vbr':[18,"Variable Block Row"],

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