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David Grant david at dwavesys.com
Thu Oct 28 12:42:10 CDT 2004

tom fogal wrote:

> <41812971.5070606 at dwavesys.com>David Grant writes:
>>I've seen -fPIC used a lot...  Just looked at it's description on man 
>>gcc and I'm thinking that this will work on my machine but perhaps not 
>>on others?
>well, yes and no...
>I ran into this issue when I started using an AMD64 machine -- every
>library must be compiled with -fPIC or strange things happen on AMD64.
>The manual page says it will "only work on some architectures" but I
>don't think you actually need to worry about this. I can't remember
>exactly anymore but I think "some" in this definition encompasses very
>esoteric setups you'll likely never see. I've been paying attention to
>things that got compiled with the flag on all machines I use for a
>while now, and its never been a problem on any combination of hardware
>/ free UNIX (inluding linux)  / compiler platform to date.
>I wouldn't think twice about it, unless you're on some ill-used
>architecture that few people have even heard of.
>Just my $.02...
Is there any way to tell if my g2c.a was actually compiled with -fPIC?  
And that they didn't rename it to g2c-pic.a?  I'm using gentoo.

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