[SciPy-user] g2c-pic

tom fogal tfogal at apollo.sr.unh.edu
Thu Oct 28 13:18:25 CDT 2004

 <41812F72.6 at dwavesys.com>David Grant writes:
>tom fogal wrote:
>> <41812971.5070606 at dwavesys.com>David Grant writes:
>>>I've seen -fPIC used a lot...  Just looked at it's description on man 
>>>gcc and I'm thinking that this will work on my machine but perhaps not 
>>>on others?


>>I wouldn't think twice about it, unless you're on some ill-used
>>architecture that few people have even heard of.

>Is there any way to tell if my g2c.a was actually compiled with -fPIC?  
>And that they didn't rename it to g2c-pic.a?  I'm using gentoo.

hrm. good question. i'm not sure, but if you look into it more and find
out the answer i'd be interested to hear it.
One option is to add -fPIC to your /etc/make.conf's CFLAGS, and then
emerge g2c again. This should ensure it gets compiled with the right
support and clobber your old g2c installation.



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