[SciPy-user] IMPORTANT BUG in scipy... rescue me !!

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Sep 1 09:54:40 CDT 2004

Brett G. Olivier wrote:

>I get the following (PIII, Win2k, Python 2.3.2) these are the N values
>where the error begins.
>SciPy                       Numeric
>typecode='D'                typecode='D'
>N=258144 FAIL               N=258140 FAIL
>typecode='F'                typecode='F'
>N=258140 FAIL               N=258140 FAIL
>scipy.__version__ = '0.3.1_283.4226'
>Numeric.__version__ = '23.3'
>Both compiled with MinGW GCC 3.3.3
>Hope this helps

I've changed some things in CVS to address this problem.

I think the problem is due to calling a function that returns a 
structure (Py_complex) that was compiled with one compiler (MSVC) from 
another compiler (mingw32).  This came up before but I thought we 
addressed the problem --- apparently a few slipped through.

I've placed all needed complex functions in fastumath so that Python 
functions previously defined are not called.  This seemed to fix the 

I would like feedback from others however...


-Travis O.

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