[SciPy-user] RE: Gplt Questions

Jeremy Martin Jeremy.Martin at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 6 23:21:55 CDT 2004

THanks for the reply about looking more into gnuplot for guidance but 
I think I should clarify my questions a tad.

First im writing a wxPython(v 2.4) based program on Windows XP. I 
guess my first question was if it was possible to redirect to the NULL 
device using the output command so that the graph will not display on 
screen...and I can retrieve the image file at a later time.

Im still not sure if I understand why the point types would be 
completly different on the png Image than what is displayed while the 
graph is drawn. Are you saying that maybe its Windows having trouble 
displaying the image?

Thanks for helping me on this ,

Jeremy Martin

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