[SciPy-user] RE: Gplt Questions

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Sep 7 05:57:57 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Martin <Jeremy.Martin at noaa.gov> writes:

    Jeremy> Im still not sure if I understand why the point types
    Jeremy> would be completly different on the png Image than what is
    Jeremy> displayed while the graph is drawn. Are you saying that
    Jeremy> maybe its Windows having trouble displaying the image?

If it is important to you to have identical images in your wx window
and hard copy png, you may want to take a look at matplotlib with the
wxagg backend.  This uses the same image renderer ("agg") to draw to a
wx canvas and dump to PNG.  With the exception of changes in
resolution (you may want your hardcopy to be a higher resolution than
your screen copy), the images will otherwise be identical.

matplotlib with the wxagg backend will work "out of the box" with the
enthought edition of python, or any python install that has wxpython +
numeric or numarray.  After installing, edit
c:\python23\share\matplotlib\.matplotlitbrc and set in that file

backend : WXAgg

The src distribution *.zip has a lot of examples in the examples
subdirectory, which can also be found at


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