[SciPy-user] Latex from docstrings

Eli Dichterman elidich at netvision.net.il
Thu Sep 16 04:26:20 CDT 2004

Have not tried it but the filter suggested at
may enable the use of the excellent doxygen tool


Stuart Murdock wrote:

> Hi
> I have lots of Python code which is well commented (docstrings) and I 
> want to create a reference manual for this code using latex.
> I need to include the Python docstrings in my latex document. The 
> trouble is that most of the document generators produce (pydoc etc.)
> the documentation in a way which I find difficult to include in latex 
> i.e. the documentation generators produce pdf or html quite
> easily. Are there any documentation generators out there which produce 
> latex files, or can anyone see a nice solution to my problem?
> The extract_doc.py package seems to be on the case but they dont seem 
> to have implemented the latex flag yet.
> http://www.rexx.com/~dkuhlman/extract_doc.html
> *-l, *--latex**
>   Generate LaTeX for the Python LaTeX documentation system. Not yet
> implemented.
> Thanks for your help
> Stuart

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