[SciPy-user] Performance Python with Weave article updated

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Sep 22 12:44:52 CDT 2004

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

> What I am really interested in, is to see if there is a way to
> manipulate the arrays in a more elegant fashion.  All this pointer
> arithmetic is fine, but ultimately you'd like something that is easy
> to write.  I can't find anything simpler than the slower inline code.
> I'm sure, that with some effort one can build an extension class
> around the numeric array inside Pyrex to expose the array as a nice 2D
> Numeric-ish array so the array computations can be more elegant.
> It might then be a good idea to abstract that interface into a simple
> Pyrex library that folks can use to write simple, elegant code to
> write their high-performance routines with.

+1000 :)

This would be _really_ useful: a simple interface for common indexing of 
arrays with 1-4 indices (the realistic usage cases in most scientific 
computing).  The boilerplate gets written _once_, and from then on we all 
benefit.  I can't do it myself, but I'll cheer all you want :)



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