[SciPy-user] Performance Python with Weave article updated

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Ok I see the error of my ways, I should have read the article more closely!!
I need to expose each array using ArrayType - I guess that will make all the
difference to the Pyrex time...



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Thanks for a very interesting article. I have been trying to work out the
best way to optimise some signal processing code. I am experimenting on just
one function which is a demodulator and has nested loops that I don't think
can be optimised out with numeric - the result, it runs very slowly in
python. The attached code (yes I know it's a bit of a mess but its just for
testing) has the function as plain python, using weave and using pyrex.
Initially I thought the results were bogus because of the massive
differences but I can't see any errors in my code that would account for the
differences. The code does manipulate and use a lot of numeric arrays. Pyrex
is only about twice as fast and Weave a staggering 200+ times faster. I
would really prefer to use Pyrex as I want to precompile but would prefer
not to have a separate C compilation linked to Pyrex, which is the
combination I have not tried yet. Logic would tell me that that mode should
be the same as Weave except any differences in the extension code generated.

Here are the results (time in ms):

import test
file changed

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