[SciPy-user] Re[2]: ANN: Veusz 0.5 - a scientific plotting package

David Grant david.grant at telus.net
Tue Apr 19 00:21:36 CDT 2005

Alan G Isaac wrote:

>Wow!  That was kind and extensive feedback to my questions.  
>I guess I am left with two pressing questions.
>i. is Biggles really dead? (there was a release just a year ago)
Although I love biggles it has always appeared to be dead to me. I
believe they finally produced a windows build for python 2.3 if I
remember correctly. But nothing has really changed in a long time.
Either means that biggles is perfect, or that it is dead. I am excited
to try this Velvet Ember Under Sky Zenith thing.

>ii. why Velvet Ember Under Sky Zenith?
David J. Grant

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