[SciPy-user] mid-size outerproduct too big for memory

Thomas Davidoff davidoff at haas.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 24 22:08:53 CDT 2005

I tried to get the outerproduct(a,b) where a is a 23,297 by 15 matrix 
and b is a 15 element row vector.  This led to a memory error.  This is 
a pretty small dataset for empirical economics - is there a way around 
this?  Will I ever be able to do something like 1 million by 100 or is 
it back to Stata for me?
I don't think the issue is other stuff in the program because nothing 
should be eating a lot of memory.  I noticed I get the same problem in 
command line python just trying a 100,000 by 100 matrix and a 1 by 100 
row vector.
I am on a new G5 PowerMac with lots of new memory installed.

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