[SciPy-user] in search of a different fmin method

Victor Reijs genietdev0 at iol.ie
Mon Aug 1 05:41:05 CDT 2005

Hello all of you,

I now have scipy working for PSP8 (based on python 2.2) and I use fmin 
(or fmin_Powell); the results are as if these method only find a local 
minimum and not the global minimum.

I have the same problem programmed in MS Excel 2000 and using Excel 
Solver it looks from the result that the global minimum is found (MS 
Excel 2000 uses Generalized Reduced Gradient Algorithm: 
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q214115/ ).

Do people know if such a fmin is also available in Python?

Thanks for you feedback.

All the best,


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