[SciPy-user] Numeric Python EM Projeect site

Rob europa100 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 11 10:12:57 CDT 2005

Hi all,

After a few years of "being and nothingness"  I have decide to put the 
Numeric Python EM Project site back up.  I realized today after 
searching Google that I broke a lot of links.  I want to host it 
somewhere, but putting it back on Verio somehow seems "over the top". 
(they wouldn't fix my hit counter, it should have been around 50k by the 
time I took the site down, not bad for a "geek" type site)

More importantly, I want to use the latest software, whether that is 
Numarray or something else.  So I suppose I have some hacking to do.  My 
site is backed up here on numerous cd's and dvd's so nothing is lost.

I want to get a new laptop today, as I have no skill whatsoever in html, 
and I have a fresh copy of Frontpage 2003 (how can you hate a man with 
40 billion dollars? haha)  Right now I use OpenBSD as the only OS on 
this Dell laptop.

I have a renewed interest in astrophysics, and I know those guys use 
Python alot, just like at LLNL.  It might be an impressive addition to 
the resume of this old EECS graduate (Berkeley 1984).  I looked at the 
physics GRE and drew a blank.  Its all up there, just buried deep in the 

Thanks for listening.

Sincerely, Rob N3FT

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