[SciPy-user] still looking for host for Numeric Python EM site

Rob europa100 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 12 16:25:31 CDT 2005

Rob wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm still looking for a for a benevolent soul to host the Numeric Python 
> EM site.  I bought a new laptop just for Windoze, so I can keep OpenBSD 
> and Windoze seperate (they hate each other! haha), and so I can use my 
> nice Frontpage 2003 (I am an html knownothing). I want to immediately 
> announce that the site is no longer dead and repair all the damaged links.
> First thing I put on the computer were python 2.3.x, SciPy, and EZNEC 
> (the nice NEC2 graphical program) so I will have fun with it there as 
> well.  I am looking forward to seeing what new neat stuff you guys have 
> come up with.  I am particularly looking to either fix or get rid of 
> that Animabob 3d OpenGL viewer app as its speed is tied to graphics card 
> speed.  It runs so fast now that only Cygwin can slow it down to human 
> realm (kind of like that Star Trek episode where Kirk starts going so 
> fast that no one can see him).
> OpenBSD is somewhat problematic here as I can't seem to get much of any 
> Linux targeted programs to configure then compile.  I don't know whats 
> up with that, but OpenBSD has good Linux binary emulation ie. wrapping.
> Sincerely,  Rob N3FT/7 (Hillsboro, Silcon Forest)
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Forget about this for now. I forgot I had hosting capabilities with my 
evil Comcast account.  However, it would be nice to put it under a 
cooler domain.


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