[SciPy-user] New book on python and engineering

guillem at torroja.dmt.upm.es guillem at torroja.dmt.upm.es
Tue Aug 16 13:49:09 CDT 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Darren Dale wrote:

> On Tuesday 16 August 2005 1:55 pm, Andrew Fant wrote:
> > Howey, David A wrote:
> > > This book may be of interest to the list:
> > >
> > > http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521852870
> > >
> > > "Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python
> > > Jaan Kiusalaas
> > > Pennsylvania State University"
> > >
> > > Looks pretty good, although why he ignores the object oriented nature of
> > > python, I know not (read the excerpt)
> >
> > I just looked on Amazon, and the second hit for "numerical methods
> > python" was this book:
> >
> > "Python Scripting for Computational Science (Texts in Computational
> > Science and Engineering)"
> > Hans P. Langtangen
> >
> > Given that the price is similar to the aforementioned Numerical Methods
> > text, has anyone from the list had a chance to read both of these yet,
> > or even just the later?  I'm trying to curb a nasty book-buying
> > addiction, but I feel like I ought to get ONE of these.  Any reviews or
> > opinions from someone who has actually seen them would be really helpful.
> I have Python Scripting for Computational Science. I know it has been
> discussed before, either on this list, the matplotlib-users list, or the
> IPython list. It was more of an introduction to Python from a science and
> engineering perspective. It was good, but not as a numerical methods
> reference (though it did have a section on solving PDE's). It has one of the
> nicest binding jobs on my bookshelf, so theres that.
> Darren

I have Python Scripting for Computational Science too.  It seems that this
brand new book intends to be the "beginner's Matlab guide" rewriting all
the scripts with Python.  Python Scripting FCS is about Python and its
resources.  Talks more about using Python as a "gluing" language and
building GUIs than solving numerical problems.  I think it's a good book,
more suitable for an experienced programmer.  I took many
examples from the book for some of my homework.

It's just my oppinion but I think that trying to use Python just as a
Matlab replacement is not the right path.  I switched to Python because it
is a richer language.  Showing that Python is just more suitable would be


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