[SciPy-user] New book on python and engineering/ Matlab and Numeric array syntax, etc

Rob europa100 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 16 16:09:47 CDT 2005

guillem at torroja.dmt.upm.es wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Darren Dale wrote:
>>On Tuesday 16 August 2005 1:55 pm, Andrew Fant wrote:
>>>Howey, David A wrote:
>>>>This book may be of interest to the list:
>>>>"Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python
>>>>Jaan Kiusalaas
>>>>Pennsylvania State University"
>>>>Looks pretty good, although why he ignores the object oriented nature of
>>>>python, I know not (read the excerpt)
>>>I just looked on Amazon, and the second hit for "numerical methods
>>>python" was this book:
>>>"Python Scripting for Computational Science (Texts in Computational
>>>Science and Engineering)"
>>>Hans P. Langtangen
>>>Given that the price is similar to the aforementioned Numerical Methods
>>>text, has anyone from the list had a chance to read both of these yet,
>>>or even just the later?  I'm trying to curb a nasty book-buying
>>>addiction, but I feel like I ought to get ONE of these.  Any reviews or
>>>opinions from someone who has actually seen them would be really helpful.
>>I have Python Scripting for Computational Science. I know it has been
>>discussed before, either on this list, the matplotlib-users list, or the
>>IPython list. It was more of an introduction to Python from a science and
>>engineering perspective. It was good, but not as a numerical methods
>>reference (though it did have a section on solving PDE's). It has one of the
>>nicest binding jobs on my bookshelf, so theres that.
> I have Python Scripting for Computational Science too.  It seems that this
> brand new book intends to be the "beginner's Matlab guide" rewriting all
> the scripts with Python.  Python Scripting FCS is about Python and its
> resources.  Talks more about using Python as a "gluing" language and
> building GUIs than solving numerical problems.  I think it's a good book,
> more suitable for an experienced programmer.  I took many
> examples from the book for some of my homework.
> It's just my oppinion but I think that trying to use Python just as a
> Matlab replacement is not the right path.  I switched to Python because it
> is a richer language.  Showing that Python is just more suitable would be
> better.
> Guillem

Hi all,

I have never used Matlab, but doesn't it use similar or at least 
comparable array notation as Numeric?  Perhaps I have no idea what I am 
talking about either. (I mean Matlab here, LOL)


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