[SciPy-user] New book on python and engineering

Howey, David A d.howey at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Aug 17 05:35:26 CDT 2005

>It's just my oppinion but I think that trying to use Python just as a
Matlab replacement is not the right path.  
>I switched to Python because it is a richer language.  Showing that
Python is just more suitable would be 

I agree. It hasn't taken me long to switch from matlab to python, and
from a programming language point of view, matlab now looks archaic.
Separate files for every function you write! Clunky object
implementation! Ouch. Python is a lot more elegant to write and look at.
And frankly, with scipy, you're getting some ace mathematical tools. I'm
finding python a lot better and easier than matlab for what I want to
do. I guess for large organisations that have a lot of matlab code, it
is easier to just keep using matlab; plus simulink is of course
excellent. But I'm prefering python here...


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