[SciPy-user] DAE

Adrian L. Garcia-Lomana alopez at cds.caltech.edu
Fri Aug 19 13:06:31 CDT 2005


Although I've been using Python since last year I've just discovered
SciPy. My daily work is on Ordinary Differential Equations and
optimization. I was using Octave for the ODEs.

But, in just one day I'm running odeint from SciPy and it works much
faster than Octave and I don't need to call any external program. Then,
congratulations to whoever is responsible for this.

Now, I was wondering how could SciPy deal with Differential-Algebraic
Equations? I'm reading the documentation but I haven't found anything
specific. Does anybody work on this topic?

To be more specific I'm interested in solving numerically systems like this:

xdot1 = -k1 * x1
xdot2 = k2 * x1
xdot3 = -k3 * x3
xdot4 = k4 * x3

x3 = k5 * r / (1 + k5)
r = x2 + x3
k5 = k3 /k2

Should I code this myself somehow? There is anything specific for DAE on
SciPy? Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


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