[SciPy-user] list of routines and Documented functions in scipy?

Eric Emsellem emsellem at obs.univ-lyon1.fr
Tue Aug 23 01:25:35 CDT 2005


I am using Scipy rather frequently now, but each time I need a new 
function, there seems to be no easy way to first know if there is 
something for me in scipy, and if yes, if it does really what I wish it 
to do. Example: I needed to perform a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test on  2 
samples, and indeed after some keywords search on the web (Kolmogorov 
,Smirnov, python) I found "ks_sample" in scipy.stats. This was 
relatively easy because the routine name is rather clear...
But again, the help is short (not that critical for such a standard 
routine, but ... for more complex ones?). And then, I don't know if this 
is really the only routine I could use (maybe I could make use of other 
statistical tests if they are implemented? ), and if not which is the best.

So my (nagging) question is:
- is there a list somewhere of all useful routine in Scipy which are 
available and work, with some minimum documentation which would allow me 
to quickly find if something exists or not, and what it does. I know 
there is the scipy/tutorial.pdf document, but it is far from complete to 
say the least and it is meant I think as a tutorial, not as an 
exhaustive list of routines with their functioning.

I realize that documenting all this is a lot of work, and I am not 
complaining about the "apparent" lack of docs there! I still have the 
impression (and I could be plain wrong) that there are not that 
many/frequent updates of the packages (although bugs have been reported 
and probably installed on CVS), and that documentation is rather lacking 
for such a nice set of routines.

Sorry if I seem to play the bad guy there. Just asking...! (if these 
lists/docs don't exist, is there a plan for having one?)

Thanks in advance!


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