[SciPy-user] problem using interp2d

Christian Kristukat ckkart at hoc.net
Thu Aug 25 06:03:33 CDT 2005

Pau Gargallo wrote:
> i'm having exactly the same problem and i posted the same question 2
> minutes before reciving your message (sometimes the world surprise
> me).
> interp2d seems to be unfinished and last edited 2 years ago.

I tried to get 2d interpolation to work without success some month ago and 
finally I found an alternative. CDAT (http://esg.llnl.gov/cdat/) has a 
standalone python module for 2d interpolation called natgrid. It works like a 
charm. You can feed in a cloud of points and you get back interpolated data on a 
rectangular grid.

It would be very nice to have this included in scipy.

Regards, Christian

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