[SciPy-user] problem using interp2d

Fred Clare fred at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 29 17:14:15 CDT 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Robert Kern apparently wrote:

> I believe Alan means to say "license" instead of "copyright" here. The
> broader question is, "Was this deal limited to UCAR and the inclusion 
> of
> nngridr in NCAR Graphics specifically?

   I cite the conditions Watson gave us.  There was no exclusionary 
provision in
   our agreement.

> Should we just ask Dave Watson
> ourselves?"

   If it would help clarify the situation, please do.

> Your two statements are contradictory. UCAR certainly does not hold
> copyright on all of the files in its distribution. It holds copyright
> only on those parts which it has written; it has licenses to
> redistribute the other parts of the code like Dave Watson's code.

   Correct.  This appears in our code:

  *  The code in this file is based on code written and
  *  copyrighted (C) by Dave Watson.  Dr. Watson retains the
  *  copyright to his original code.  Augmentations and changes
  *  to Dr. Watson's code are copyrighted (C) by UCAR, 1997.

  Fred Clare

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