[SciPy-user] Version 0.3.2 or 0.4.3?

Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at cutter.rexx.com
Thu Dec 1 19:27:47 CST 2005

At www.scipy.org I find SciPy_complete-0.3.2.tar.gz.

At http://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/, I find

Are these two separate projects?  They seem very different.

Could someone tell me where I can find a description of the
difference between these two and a guide on how I determine which
I should be using.

I'm sure this question must have been raised before, but I did
some searching at www.scipy.org and in the FAQ and in the
mail-list archives and could not find anything helpful.

Thanks in advance for help.


Dave Kuhlman

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