[SciPy-user] newbie argument handling question

ABE Katsumi abe.katsumi at jp.fujitsu.com
Sun Dec 4 23:28:37 CST 2005

Hi, my apologies in advance for the newbie question and not adequate for scipy-ML.

Is it allowed to use argument to get values like below in Python?

     jjj = self.datastorageObject.unitTestSetDataSubarray(Command[0],Division[0])

Here datastorageObject.unitTestSetDataSubarray is a CORBA object instantiated on another process.
Command[0] is input. Division[0] is an argument for output and a struct.
Our expect is that Division[0] can contain values set in datastorageObject.unitTestSetDataSubarray.

Though we tried this code, we couldn't get values through Dividion[0].
On the other hand, we could get values through jjj[1].Mode where Mode is a member of the Division
like below.
             print ' jjj[1].Mode = ', jjj[1].Mode

Is it a right bevaviour of Python?

Any suggestion would be helpful for us.


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