[SciPy-user] floating point exeption

Steve Schmerler elcorto at gmx.net
Mon Dec 12 08:29:31 CST 2005

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>>>>>>"Steve" == Steve Schmerler <elcorto at gmx.net> writes:
>     >> http://www.its.caltech.edu/~astraw/debian_glibc_patch_r22/
>     Steve> I was a bit affraid of patching libc but it works
>     Steve> now. Thanx a lot!!
> BTW, please also install the locales deb that is available there, if
> you don't your existing locales package will be unhappy...

Thanks. After asking dpkg -l I Installed


Everything works fine so far.


Should array indices start at 0 or 1? My compromise of 0.5 was rejected 
without, I thought, proper consideration.
-- Stan Kelly-Bootle

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