[SciPy-user] building with local libraries

Rob Managan managan at llnl.gov
Wed Dec 14 11:12:06 CST 2005

>On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Rob Managan wrote:
>>  What is the proper way to tell scipy to use libraries that are not in
>>  the 'standard" locations?
>>  It seems that for FFTW you have to set and environment variable and
>>  not use site.cfg.
>Which lines did you put into site.cfg?
>For example:
>library_dirs = /scr/python/lib/
>include_dirs = /scr/python/include/
>Note that you will also have to specify `include_dirs`,
>otherwise it will find the libraries, but not the include
>files and therefore tell you that there is no fftw at all.
>(Note to developers: wouldn't it be nicer at this point
>to tell the user that the libs were found, but
>not the header files, which are needed for the install?)

I actually tried to do it with the DEFAULT section by adding a 
directory to the end of the existing list for both libraries and 
includes and sources as follows:

library_dirs = 
include_dirs = 
src_dirs = /usr/local/src:/opt/src:/Users/managan/Documents/local/src
# search static libraries (.a) in preference to shared ones (.so)
search_static_first = 0

#fftw_libs = rfftw, fftw
#fftw_opt_libs = rfftw_threaded, fftw_threaded
# if the above aren't found, look for {s,d}fftw_libs and {s,d}fftw_opt_libs

I will try your suggestion and see if that works.
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