[SciPy-user] what's wrong with radom.multivariate_normal

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Dec 16 05:50:49 CST 2005

>I've also moved random.py out into main core/scipy/ directory under the
>reasoning that we shouldn't get name conflicts with anything in full scipy. I
>think that anything we'd want to add to full scipy wrt random numbers should
>either get its own module (e.g. scipy.mcmc, scipy.aesprng) or will fit
>comfortably in scipy.stats.
I think one of the reasons to place random.py under basic is to allow it 
to export global symbols (rand and randn) to the scipy namespace using 
the general approach of documenting such actions in the info.py  file.

For that matter, I don't see the global names fft, ifft, rand, and randn 
in the scipy name-space anymore.   Was that intentional?


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