[SciPy-user] What is fastest load/save matrix methods?

Francesc Altet falted at pytables.org
Wed Dec 21 07:04:21 CST 2005

A Dimecres 21 Desembre 2005 04:01, Cournapeau David va escriure:
> An other really important point is that you can easily import the
> pytables files from other languages, such as C (I am using pytables/hdf5
> to transfer data between python and matlab), which may be crucial
> depending on your working environment.
> I am not sure it is possible with "pure scipy" methods (at least in a
> reasonable way). I may be totally wrong, though, as I don't much on the
> implementation of the array protocol in scipy, and on the write/read
> methods.

I'm aware that there exist machinery in scipy to read matlab files
(see io.loadmat). However, I think that this format it is not meant to
become a standard (although it might become a 'de facto' standard, a
la Microsoft Office), and in fact, MathWorks does change the format
from time to time to accomodate more features.

Contrarily, HDF5 is designed to be an standard, and the people behind
it tries hard to ensure not only backward compatibility, but also
forward compatibility (to the extend that this is reasonably


Francesc Altet

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