[SciPy-user] Mac installers for scipy, etc.

Brian Granger bgranger at scu.edu
Wed Dec 21 09:21:07 CST 2005

What dependencies are there for these (like fortran and fftw)?  

Also, how are you using gcc 4.0?  I thought nobody had gotten it to work on the Mac yet?


Brian Granger

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>>> fonnesbeck at gmail.com 12/20/05 7:03 PM >>>
For interested OS X users, I have provided mpkg installers for
scipy_core and scipy from svn, as well as matplotlib 0.85.1 (cvs) and
numarray 1.5.1. These were all built on OS X 10.4 on Python 2.4.2.



Chris Fonnesbeck
Atlanta, GA

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