[SciPy-user] ***[Possible UCE]*** Does the new (Travis') scipy_core need Numeric?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Dec 28 17:27:09 CST 2005

rcsqtc at iiqab.csic.es wrote:

>Hi all,
>I may be asking a very simple question, but I could not find a clear
>explanation anyware on the scipy web or the new scipy_core web.
>I've installed Travis scipy_core 0.8.4, which is supposed to substitute
>the Numeric package (or that's what I understood). But scipy_core does
>not provide scipy.linalg, scipy.stats, etc which are still in the scipy
>distribution (scipy-0.3.2 in my case). Now, reading the documentation
>(and trying as well) it seems that I need Numeric to install scipy-0.3.2. 
>So do I need to install Numeric AND scipy_core 0.8.4? Is this because the 
>transition is not over yet?
Scipy 0.3.2 requires Numeric

Scipy 0.4.X requires scipy_core

Right now, there is no real release of scipy 0.4.X  (you have to build 
it from SVN).  Hopefully this will change by the first of the year.   I 
hope to get a release of scipy_core out by then with the new and 
improved package structure and package loader, with a release of scipy 
to follow.

>Maybe I misunderstood something. It's a pity that the documentation is
>split into two different pages:
>http://numeric.scipy.org/ and http://www.scipy.org/.Thanks for your consideration,
Agreed.   The www.scipy.org is undergoing much-needed renovation.  When 
that happens things should be more comprehensible. 

Right now, the numeric.scipy.org site is really the site for scipy_core 
/ Numeric / numarray.  While the www.scipy.org site is the site for 
(full) scipy.


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