[SciPy-user] Where is arrayobject.h supposed to be?

Paul Ray Paul.Ray at nrl.navy.mil
Thu Dec 29 09:29:27 CST 2005


I've compiled scipy_core and scipy from the current (yesterday, Rev  
1502) svn versions.
I'm running Mac OS X 10.4.3, with a fink-installed python2.4.

I'd like to compile a C extension (ppgplot in particular) against the  
new scipy_core, and I'm wondering where arrayobject.h is supposed to  
get installed?

Given an earlier comment on the list, it looks like #include "scipy/ 
arrayobject.h" should get it, which would imply to me that it would  
get put into /sw/include/python2.4/scipy/arrayobject.h, but that is  
not what happens.  Here is the result of a "find":
> mcxr2 : 17>find /sw -name arrayobject.h -print
> /sw/include/python2.4/numarray/arrayobject.h
> /sw/include/python2.4/Numeric/arrayobject.h
> /sw/lib/python2.4/site-packages/scipy/base/include/scipy/arrayobject.h

Is there a problem with the scipy_core installer?  Shouldn't it  
create /sw/include/python2.4/scipy and populate it?  Or, do I need to  
add /sw/lib/python2.4/site-packages/scipy/base/include/scipy to my  
include search path when building C extensions against the new  

Also, if anyone has successfully built ppgplot against the new  
scipy_core (it normally builds against Numeric or numarray), I'd love  
to know the code changes required.


-- Paul

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