[SciPy-user] newbie...info doesn't work...

Evan Monroig evan.monroig at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 19:43:23 CST 2005

On Dec.30 02h19, Devalière Eve-Marie wrote :
>  I feel kind of stupid but I have just installed
> python and stuff for scipy and just my 'info' function
> doesn't work...other functions seems to work but
> seeing how week is the scipy doc on the web I am
> worrying...


I'm not sure how you use scipy, but there are two cases

If you use the command 'import scipy' to import scipy, then the info 
function will be available as scipy.info

On the other hand, if you use the command 'from scipy import *' to 
import scipy, then info should be available directly. (and if it is not, 
I don't know what to do..)

> Would anyone have an idea on what's happening? 
> Also, is there any working search among scipy
> threads...the search mailing list doesn't give me any
> result even typing smth like 'matrix'... so I went
> into the archive of each month but that's not handy...

I don't really know about scipy's website, but another solution is to 
use google and enter this in the box when you look for 'matrix':

site:www.scipy.org/mailinglists matrix

Hope this helped ^^


ps: when you ask a question on the mailing-list you should write an 
entirely new mail, not just reply to a mail and change the subject ;)
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