[SciPy-user] default dtype

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Dec 30 13:14:01 CST 2005

Alan G Isaac wrote:

>Is an integer data type the obvious
>default for 'empty'?  I expected float.
This question comes up occasionally.   The reason for int is largely 
historical --- that's what was decided long ago when Numeric came out.   
Changing this in some places would break a lot of code, I'm afraid.   
And the default for empty is done for consistency.   I felt it better to 
have one default rather than many. 

The default can be changed in one place in the C-code if we did decide 
to change it.   Now's the time because version 1.0 is approaching in the 
next couple of months.  Version 0.9 will be the first-of-the-year release.


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