[SciPy-user] default dtype

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Fri Dec 30 15:13:10 CST 2005

Seeing as this question comes up fairly often, I've made a FAQ for it in 
the new wiki:


Please edit (as is the wiki way) as you see fit.

Alan G Isaac wrote:

>On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Travis Oliphant apparently wrote: 
>>The default can be changed in one place in the C-code if 
>>we did decide to change it.   Now's the time because 
>>version 1.0 is approaching in the next couple of months. 
>Once discovered, it does not matter much of course. 
>My only argument for the change is the effect on prospective 
>users as opposed to the existing base of knowledgeable 
>users: most I suspect will come from environments where 
>every number containing object is filled with floats by 
>default.  (I think GAUSS and Matlab work this way.)  Any 
>ordinary user who creates an array of zeros (or empty) and 
>then assigns floats to a few elements is likely to be 
>surprised by the outcome, I believe. 
>Alan Isaac 
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