[SciPy-user] Import probs with rev 1735 svn scipy core

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Dec 30 16:55:17 CST 2005

George Nurser wrote:

>Just tried to get rev 1735 svn scipy core going on an Opteron.
>Non root install of Scipy, site.cfg to use acml libraries for lapack  
>and blas.
>LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes acml directory.
>Otherwise default.
>python setup.py install --home=...    seems to work fine.
>But when I try
> >>> import scipy
>Importing ScipyTest of testing to scipy
>Failed to import base
>cannot import name ccompiler
>Importing fft of corefft to scipy
>Importing ifft of corefft to scipy
>Failed to import random
>'module' object has no attribute 'dtypedescr'
>Puzzled about  ccompiler message, as ccompile.py seems to be in  
>distutils directory, not base subdirectory.

Is this a fresh install on the system or are their older 
installations.   Enough has changed in the package loading that I would 
delete any old install and the build directory (if you had a previous 
check-out) and install again.

Otherwise,  I'm not sure what is going on.


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