[SciPy-user] using with with blitz: errors

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Dec 31 01:37:38 CST 2005

Evan Monroig wrote:

> Thanks !
> In fact after I checked my gcc version I just installed gcc-3.4 and 
> changed the link in /usr/bin and it worked ^^.


> So I will get the newer blitz :).
> By the way, is there a way to specify the version of gcc to use with 
> weave?

there is (use compiler='franken-gcc' in your weave call), but it's NOT a good 
idea to try to build extension modules (what weave is doing for you under the 
hood) with a different compiler than python itself was built, unless the two 
compilers are known to be extremely compatible.  gcc3 and gcc4 (what I assume 
ubuntu built python with) won't play well together: the C++ ABI changed with gcc4.



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