[SciPy-user] help upgrading / installing scipy.special

Kris Kuhlman kuhlman at hwr.arizona.edu
Mon Feb 7 12:30:09 CST 2005


I don't have much experience with python; I am trying to get a program 
running which uses a compiled fortran extension for calculating Bessel 
functions as well as the SciPy libraries.  I have SciPy installed and I 
did the tests listed on the website, they said it was OK, but this 
program needs scipy.special (or at least this is where it hangs up when 
I run it, there may be more SciPy dependencies I haven't run into), 
which I don't appear to have installed.

How do I add this? Do I uninstall the whole thing, and download the 
Linux binaries? How do I install the Linux binaries available on the 
scipy.org website? do I just copy them into the directory tree? The 
files in the binary package don't correspond 1:1 with the files I have 
in the same directories in my SciPy setup.

I was hoping to get this working from binaries without having to install 
atlas and blas, or do I need to rebuild it from source?  I am using 
Fedora Core 2, I have python 2.3, numpy 23.3 and F2PY installed.



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