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Evelien Vanhollebeke evelien at ster.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Feb 17 05:01:57 CST 2005


Yes I've tried that. The problem is, that it doesn't give me what I 
expect it will. I was using idl to do the same thing, but now I switched 
to python and with the same input, I expect the same output.
Anyway, thanks for the help!


Christian Kristukat wrote:

> Hi,
> Evelien Vanhollebeke wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone was using the mpfit module 
>> (http://cars.uchicago.edu/software) <http://cars.uchicago.edu/software>.
> Have you tried optimize.leastsq? This should be very similar to mpfit 
> since it is based on the same fortran code (lmdif/lmder).
> Christian
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