[SciPy-user] Scipy and Py2exe

Noko Phala nphala at angloresearch.com
Tue Jul 12 05:45:02 CDT 2005


I could solve the _cvs_version_ and 'cephes' errors, but I keep getting
the 'No Module named integrate'. I used the following lines :




from distutils.core import setup

import py2exe

import glob

import os

os.system("color E2") #color of console,2=green (use 1-7)


options = {

    "py2exe": {

                "includes": ['scipy',


        "packages": ['encodings'










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You have to make a proper setup.py if you want to create a Windows
executable using py2exe. The following is part of a setup.py I wrote for
a program (last year). Look at the "options" dictionary (includes: [...

options = {
    "py2exe": {
        "compressed": 1,
        "optimize": 2,
        "includes": ['gui', 
'stats', 'tables', 'config', 'scipy',
                     'constants', 'images', 'pool',
        "packages": ['encodings'
        "dist_dir": distPath,


    name = progName,
    description = progDesc,
    version = __version__,
    options = options,
    zipfile = zipfile,
    windows = [program],
    cmdclass = {"py2exe": build_installer
    data_files = dataFiles,

I hope this helps.


On 7/11/05, Noko Phala <nphala at angloresearch.com> wrote:


I have a program written in python, that uses several Scipy modules and
wish to send it to a client as an exe. The client does not have to
install Python. For this, python worked before on my other programs, but
does not work with scipy. Through google I have established that the
program has to do with dynamic importing of modules by scipy, as opposed
to static import. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? 




Nikos Papagrigoriou <nikos at papagrigoriou.gr >

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