[SciPy-user] Simulation applications in Python

Daniel R. Rohr drohr at few.vu.nl
Wed Jul 13 02:47:39 CDT 2005

Hi Raj

   I'm not so sure if this is what you are looking for but here a short 
describtion of what I am doing:

I'm a Ph.D. in Amsterdam in theoretical chemistry. I'm writing a program 
to "simulate" molecules. In fact I try to find better approximations to 
do so. It is written in Python and uses the LAPACK libary to do the hard 



> Hi
> I'm a graduate student at Rice University working on compiler  
> optimizations in high-level languages. We are looking for a few non- 
> trivial public-domain scientific applications written in Python  (which 
> may or may not use lower-level libraries) in order to survey  the 
> characteristics of these applications. Specifically we are  interested 
> in studying a few real-life scientific simulation  applications.
> If you have such an application, or if you know of one, please do let  
> me know. I'd appreciate any help with this!
> thanks
> Raj
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